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Original price was: $22.00.Current price is: $17.60.

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Hassle-free, health monitoring, odor control cat litter delivered monthly with free shipping! Litter that changes color depending on if there are any medical conditions. Get 20% off your first order with coupon code MAX20.

Pretty Litter Cat Wellness Color Check
Pretty Litter Cat Wellness Color Check

Original price was: $22.00.Current price is: $17.60.


Pretty Litter absorbs odor fast and then removes the moisture. So, you won’t smell your cat’s waste again. We see cat parents obsessed with this litter that changes color. Unlike a simple litter, Pretty Litter changes color and knows your cat’s wellness.

It looks like a proactive tool made for the cat’s parents. You will have peace of mind with early knowledge of cat’s health status. That means you will know if your cat is facing a possible health issue.

Pretty Litter aims to find possible health risk factors on your cat before it needs any urgent health care. Therefore, you can save money, prevent stress as well as save your cat’s life line.


How to Check Cat Wellness with Color Change?

As mentioned earlier, Pretty Litter changes color. The color indicates the wellness status of your cat. It will help to know if your cat has a health issue. So, you can take care of your cat without facing any urgent medical care. We know that as “Prevention is better than Cure”. This could save you big money on expensive vat bills and as well as your cat’s life.

You will get only one type of litter. Pretty Litter offers silica crystal litter. It appears very fine light weight granules. This type of litter is made by crew of vet and scientists for your cat. So, you can count on that to keep your pets safe.

They make it from good adsorbent silica gel. It is mixed with exclusively made indicators. Because of that, cat owners can monitor their cat’s health watching acidity and alkaline level in urine. They can know if it is outside the normal range.

  1. Alkaline: A certain kind of urinary area infections. As we know high urinary pH can cause bladder crystal or stone formulation. It denotes a certain type of urinary tract germs infection as well as risk of stone formulation.
  2. Orange: Indicates lots of acids in the body fluids or when kidney does not remove acids from the blood. It can also cause kidney stones.
  3. Typical: A typical indicator can be in dark yellow or olive-green color. It denotes cat’s urine within a typical range.
  4. Red: It indicates bladder soreness, stones, and bacteria growth in urine. In rare cases, it could be a sign of bladder cancer or internal injury.

Most owners may not realize that their cat could be ill. That could be unless they see an increase in health problems. In that case, the treatment can be harder. That’s the reason we feel so excited about Pretty Litter.


How Much Does Pretty Cat Litter Cost?

Pretty Litter pricing differs as per the currency. At this time, we have our deals only available to customers from the United States and Canada. If you have a cat at your house, you can go on purchasing 1 Litter monthly for $22. Use our coupon code to get a 20% discount on that price.

The cost of Pretty Litter depends upon the number of bags you need. Pretty Litter also offers discounts on their website. Our discount goes on 20% OFF for first time purchase only. But you may find something extra when you have ordered here.

That means on three bags purchase, you will get one for free. Pretty Litter offers discount coupons from time to time. They also offer different deals as per the current promotion. A 4-pound bag lasts for a month and your cat could love it!

Fortunately, we found the outlay of the litter very similar look to the clay litter. So, our cats took to it easily. We were amazed to see that it absorbs so many liquids. Besides, the power to control the odor seems fascinating itself.

However, it doesn’t mean silica crystal is the same as the clay litter. That’s because silica crystal acts differently. It won’t clump. You need to stir it from time to time. In that way, you can prevent one area from holding so much moisture.

You can scoop with ease because crystals dry out to remove solid waste. But it won’t convert it to the hard clumps. As for our Pretty Litter deals, you can get it at the following discount cost with extra 20% discount with a coupon code.

  • 1 Cat = $22 Per Month.
  • 2 Cats = $40 $44 Per Month.
  • 3 Cats = $60 $88 Per Month.

Try Pretty Litter Risk-Free for 30 Days. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, just return within 30 days. You will be issued a full refund.


What is Pretty Litter made of?

The makers of Pretty Litter use high absorbent and light silica gel. We know Silica gel crystals as super absorbent. That’s lots more than other types of litter. Hence, you need few amounts of litter to do the same job.

When you have to keep the waste on trash bags, you will get it lighter. That’s because Pretty litter doesn’t clump and lasts for a long period. Thus, you can keep your hard work away. When you have purchased this litter, later on, you won’t have to look for another elsewhere. This is due to the reason that we believe you will be satisfied with it.

You know about the old type of litter that turns urine into a big and heavy clump. You may need that scooped out and replaced throughout the month. On the other hand, we have super dry silica gels in Pretty Litter. It absorbs the urine and odor, trapping inside so the fluid evaporates out. Only solid was will be left out to take care of.

We keep health as our topmost priority these days. Pretty Litter has been made keeping this in mind. A team of veterinarians and scientists develops this product, especially for cats. So, you can consider it household friendly. They use super absorbent silica gel to make it. It is then mixed with exclusively made indicators.

Those indicators help you to monitor your cat’s urine for acidity and alkalinity levels. You can find out the range and the presence of the blood. Silica gels appear inert clear crystals made from minerals available in nature. The litter cannot be absorbed by the bowel. It also doesn’t swell in the presence of humidity.

How much Safe is Pretty Litter?

Pretty Litter uses minerals that come from nature. This type of naturally occurring mineral is safe for cats. Your cat won’t get affected even if they smell of ingesting it. But it won’t be a good idea to let your cat ingest since that’s not a thing to eat.

So, you should keep an eye on your cat to see if they would love too much litter. If you or your cat have a respiratory or similar condition, you will like the lack of dust in crystal litter.

Pretty Litter doesn’t clump. It has super dry silica gel that absorbs urine and odor. Similarly, it traps smell and waste inside and lets the moisture evaporate out. Only the solid waste you need to take care of. You can scoop or dispose the solid excrement. That means to throw it away and replace all of the litter every month.

It may not be a perfect choice for everyone. As compared to advantages, it must be the best choice as a cat litter. However, we also saw some feedback saying that some cats may not like the texture of silica gel. That goes true for some cat with sensitive paws. Though we found them to be very fine with it.

In technical consideration, Pretty Litter is safe for all cats and kittens. We say that because we don’t see risk of expansion if your cat accidentally ingests the particles. As part of our mission to promote divine health, Pretty Litter has been inspired to give back and pay it forward in the pet community and with several non-profit partners.

9.7Expert Score
Pretty Litter Cat Wellness Color Check
Although Pretty Litter does a great job, but it doesn’t mean to replace vet care. You cannot ignore medical diagnostics even if you have Pretty Litter at your home. It simply means, if Pretty Litter shows possible health problem, take your cat to the vet.
Odor Control
Customer Service
  • Monthly subscription delivered automatically to your door.
  • Unique color-changing quality detects potential health problems.
  • Highly absorbent and offers excellent odor control.
  • Ultralight and delivered free.
  • Stop hauling a giant bag of litter home from the store.
  • Crystals change color to help detect early signs of illness.
  • Not meant to replace medical diagnostics or veterinary care.

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