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Original price was: $179.90.Current price is: $89.96.

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A scale with ultra-modern design, available in a range of colors, made from highly durable materials. This smart scale uses the latest technology to monitor your weight and track your body composition over time. Easy and simple to use. You can control your scale by Wi-Fi from your phone and an iOS and Android compatible app.

iWeight Smart Bluetooth Body Scale 50% OFF
iWeight Smart Bluetooth Body Scale 50% OFF

Original price was: $179.90.Current price is: $89.96.


iWeight is an intelligent scale. It connects to our mobile devices via Bluetooth device. So, it will send weight data to your smartphone app. In that way, you can keep a regular control of your weight just by an overview.

Almost 50% of our country’s population could be overweight. The levels of obesity have even shot up hard over the last decade. If we look at the childhood obesity rate, we see data more alarming. So, the data concludes that the obesity rate must be affecting the quality of our life.

In the same way, people who suffer from weight problems look more prone to serious illness. Therefore, lots of people are looking to keep themselves fit and in an ideal weight. Although, a large number of folks don’t know the way to get started.


What is Bluetooth Body Scale?

A Bluetooth body scale, also known as a smart scale, is a cutting-edge health and fitness device that goes beyond traditional bathroom scales. Equipped with Bluetooth technology, these scales can wirelessly connect to your smartphone, tablet, or other compatible devices.

The primary function of a Bluetooth body scale is to measure and analyze various body composition metrics, such as weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone density, water weight, and more. This comprehensive analysis provides users with a deeper understanding of their overall health and fitness progress.

Bluetooth body scale has ability to sync data seamlessly to a dedicated app on your device as one of the key features. In addition, this app acts as a centralized hub where all your body composition measurements can be collected, stored, and visualized in charts and graphs. With custom profiles, and integration power, a Bluetooth body scale offers an easy and data-driven solution to monitor and improve overall wellbeing.


Do Bluetooth Fat Scale Works?

A Bluetooth fat scale is a device that can measure your weight and other aspects of your body composition, such as body fat percentage, muscle mass, and body water percentage. It works by sending a weak electric current through your body and using a method called bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to estimate your body composition. It can also connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and sync your data to compatible apps.

However, the accuracy of a Bluetooth fat scale may vary depending on several factors, such as the quality of the device, the calibration of the scale, the hydration level of the user, and the algorithm used to calculate the body composition. The body fat percentage displayed on the scale is usually an estimate and may not be as precise as the measurements you would get with a specialized test.

A Bluetooth fat scale can be a useful tool to monitor your weight and body composition over time, as long as you use it consistently and understand its limitations. It can help you track your progress and goals and provide you with more information than a regular scale. However, it should not be used as a substitute for professional advice or diagnosis.


How Does iWeight Works?

We all want to keep ourselves in proper weight. But to do it, we need to track our body composition all the time. To do that, we have an iWeight smart Bluetooth scale. You can use it anytime to monitor your weight and track body composition. iWeight does that with the help of the latest technology. It monitors weight and tracks body indexes over time.

All you need to do is to scale yourself and check the app on your smartphone. It shows detailed report about your bioimpedance system. It tells you everything estimated on your body composition. For example, your body fat, muscle mass, fluid level, bone density, and more. By weighing yourself daily on the scale, you get accurate results to stay fully aware of your body composition.

First of all, you must install iWeight app on your phone. After that, pair the device with the scale using Bluetooth and add the data of all users. Each user, when weighed with the smart Bluetooth scale iWeight, will activate the system and the device will send the data to that user’s profile. Then the application will calculate all the parameters of the metabolism in history.

iWeight Smart Bluetooth Scale Features

You will see it using latest technology features to monitor your weight. The app tracks your body indexes over time. All you need to scale and watch the app for the bioimpedance system. It gives you detailed reports showing amount of fat, muscle, fluid, and bone density in score.

iWeight being smart Bluetooth scale must be easy and simple to use. You can scale your body with the help of Bluetooth of your phone. The iWeight app works best on both iOS and Android devices. You can see all reports and statistics from the app itself. It analyzes overall body composition paraments. After that, it shows you the accurate measurements and detailed reports.

iWeight app also provides personalized tips. It keeps you motivated to be in best shape for your fitness program. You can choose iWeight in the range of colors. It’s made from highly durable materials like tempered glass and stainless steel.

  • BMI calculation.
  • Muscle mass volume data.
  • Measurement of bone density.
  • Metabolism control.
  • Control of water in the body, ideal for measuring losses in sports sessions.
  • Report the fat accumulated in the body.
  • The application allows reports for different users.
  • Compatible with Android, and with iOS devices.
  • Bluetooth scale with elegant design and high precision.
  • It is designed to be able to measure the effectiveness of each training.
  • The smart Bluetooth scale iWeight and the smartwatch are an ideal mix.

iWeight can be similar to health fit pro smart watch. Therefore, both of them can help to know the fitness status. Thanks to iWeight that guides us for daily weight control on calories taken. We now distinguish the clear relationship between our activity and weight loss.

Smart Bluetooth Body Scale Benefits

iWeight being a smart Bluetooth body scale has excellent benefits. You can scale yourself by using the Bluetooth of your phone. It seems simple and easy to use with an Apple iOS or Android compatible app. You can get quick statistics and reports from the app itself. It fully analyzes our body composition parameters. Finally, it gives detailed reports of accurate measurements.

The first thing to consider that we can use a smart Bluetooth scale on daily basis. It won’t incur any extra cost. So, we can have greater control to either loss or gain weight as per the tendency of the body. So, it can help us take the right action in time.

It also gives us detailed information about BMI. We know BMI as the term used to show body fat percentage and a lot more data. Thus, we can decide things to do accordingly on the basis of daily or weekly data. That means either to continue your daily diet meal plan routines or change them.

You may like to keep your body in the best possible shape. iWeight smart Bluetooth body scale helps to accomplish your aim in keeping your body lean. It also provides personalized tips to maintain your body structure. You will get motivated to your shape goals with these personalized tips.

iWeight smart Bluetooth scale comes in an ultra-modern design. It is available to select in a range of colors. So, you can choose the color you like the best. For example, most ladies might like to use pink color. They all are made from highly durable materials such as tempered glass and stainless steel.

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iWeight Smart Bluetooth Body Scale 50% OFF
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