Sierra Club Wilderness Guardian Membership

You can become a member now and start helping Sierra Club. Our combined forces will keep fighting to preserve Wildlife around the clock. We can start to safeguard and preserve the environment for our next generation to come.

Sierra Club is one of the oldest club that works to protect the environment. The club was actually formed one hundred years ago. Since then, it has the motto, Become a Wilderness Guardian today! At the time, it worked to preserve Yosemite.

We know Yosemite as a Wildlife national park based in California. We can find that in Nevada Mountains. So, this generation experiences a healthy environment in that area. This reflects that we save Wildlife environment for welfare of our next generations to come. Balance in the ecosystem keeps all living beings in existence.

The previous generation protected wilderness in millions of acres as a member. But it doesn’t seem to stop in the new era. Now, they have wild and scenic rivers on thousands of miles across the US. These include many crucial areas of natural importance. Due to all of the gains, it resulted in lots of financial supports and efforts for Sierra Club. Many people contributed by becoming a member.


What is Sierra Club?

Sierra Club is a community of people who educate about the needs of the environment and conserve. Besides, they also talk about political issues in regard to the environment. Once you become a member, you can have fun outgoings. For example, you can go on hikes, snow-shoeing walks, and trail maintenance. So, we see a wroth to join and help Sierra. In that way, we can protect our air, water, and land throughout our beautiful state!

Sierra Club seems to be the largest grassroots environmental organization in the United States. We know that by diverse follow and natural track record. The Sierra Club works to safeguard the environment at all levels. Whether it is local, state, or federal, Sierra motivates the finding, fun, and protection of natural areas of the earth!

The Sierra Club has lots of members these days. We see more than 3.8 million work as a member. Those folks could be one of your friends and neighbors. We feel good to get inspired by the nature. Due to this reason, all members work together to save our group and the planet. Being America’s largest, oldest, and most motivating popular groups, they all contribute to environmental welfare.


Is Sierra Club Nonprofit?

Yes, the Sierra Club is a nonprofit organization. It is one of the oldest and largest environmental organizations in the United States. A conservationist named John Muir founded it in 1892. He has since played a significant role in advocating for environmental protection and conservation.

As a nonprofit organization, the Sierra Club operates under the rules and guidelines set forth by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the United States. Nonprofit organizations generally organize and operate for purposes that becomes helpful to the public, such as charitable, studying, or scientific pursuits.

The Sierra Club’s primary mission is to promote the protection of the natural environment, including wilderness areas, parks, forests, and wildlife. They engage in various activities to achieve this mission, including grassroots organizing, lobbying for environmental legislation, incouraging renewable energy, raising awareness about environmental issues, and helping efforts.

Nonprofit organizations rely on donations, grants, and membership fees to fund their operations and initiatives. They are exempt from federal income taxes because of their charitable status, which means that the donations made are not taxable for individuals and offices within the United States, subject to certain limitations.

It’s worth noting that nonprofit organizations may still makes revenue through activities like raising fund, merchandise sales, or releases, but the income generated is typically reinvested into the organization’s mission rather than distributed to shareholders or owners.

In summary, the Sierra Club indeed a nonprofit organization that dedicates itself to environmental advocacy and conservation.


How to Become a Wilderness Guardian?

Get all the consistent benefits of Membership including much more! So, you can become a Wilderness Guardian today. Did you hear about Eco-Chic Reusable Bag? Once you are a member, Sierra club gift a fancy bag to you as a Wildlife protector.

To join the Sierra Club, click on Get Membership button! You will be redirected to membership form where you need to fill out your name and address. After that, select the amount that you like to donate as you wish! Finally, with just 3 easy steps, you are a member. Wildlife and wild places need you. So, you should definitely become a Wilderness Guardian today!

We Thank You for your Contribution to Sierra Club! Your gift will help support many environmental saving efforts. It’s good to work to protect our wildlands and wildlife. Sierra works to keep our air and water free from pollution. So, we all can promote a disinfected and sanitized energy for future.

What is the difference between Sierra Club and Sierra Club Foundation?

The Sierra Club and the Foundation are two separate entities that share a common mission but serve different purposes within the organization.

The Sierra Club as a grassroots environmental organization was founded in 1892. It focuses on advocacy, education, and engagement to promote nature conservation and protection. The Sierra Club engages in various activities such as lobbying for environmental policies, organizing campaigns, leading outdoor trips, and making educational programs. It appears to be a membership organization with individual members and local chapters throughout the United States.

On the other hand, the Foundation as a charitable organization was established in 1960. Its primary purpose is to provide financial support to the Sierra Club and other nonprofit organizations that work towards environmental conservation and protection. The Foundation raises funds through donations, grants, and endowments and then allocates those funds to support a range of environmental initiatives, including research, legal action, community projects, and public education campaigns.

While the Sierra Club engages directly in advocacy and activism, the Foundation supports these efforts by providing financial resources. The Foundation often involves in funding long-term projects and initiatives that align with the goals of the Sierra Club, but it operates as a separate legal entity.

By having a separate foundation, it can maintain the focus on grassroots activism and engage in direct political advocacy, while the Foundation can concentrate on raising funds and providing financial support for these efforts.

It’s important to note that the relationship between the Sierra Club and the Foundation is cooperative and interconnected. They work in tandem to further the goals of environmental conservation and protection, but their roles and functions within the organization are distinct.

Sierra Club Membership Benefits

The members say that being a Sierra Club Member feels like an enjoyment. As expected, it’s an easy way to make the club more powerful with an Aid. The joint forces will probably produce confidence in our heart. It creates trust in ourselves that we all work together to save the environment. We don’t see any doubt that we have benefits in protecting wildlife and our environment.

A beautiful thing must be that we can join with ease. Being an activist won’t take much time. So, you just have to spend few minutes to become a member of Sierra Club. It will help to make those few minutes the powerful minutes. You can contribute to save the environment for the benefits of next generation to come. As for all other Membership benefits, they include the following:

  • Helping to protecting natural places of wilderness.
  • A 1 Year membership or one-year lifetime subscription to twice a month.
  • Country wide and group level membership.
  • National Sierra magazine.
  • Voting rights in the election.
  • Access to members-only country wide and foreign wilderness hikes, trips and other works.
  • Discounts on trip charges on many River Prairie Group outings.
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The Sierra Club operates only in the United States. Explore, enjoy, and protect the planet.

  • Large and diverse membership of nearly 2 million people.
  • Strong grassroots structure.
  • Long history of conservation successes.
  • Comprehensive and ambitious vision.
  • PositiveUses Creative and innovative approach to achieve its goals.
  • Involved in some controversial and divisive campaigns and positions.
  • Lost money and influence due to some of its projects and publications.
  • Struggled to adapt to the changing environmental and social challenges.
Sierra Club Wilderness Guardian Membership
Sierra Club Wilderness Guardian Membership
  1. Working at the Sierra Club was fantastic. They offered as many resources as I needed and formed clear and precise goals to be met for a genuinely good cause. They prioritize people and the environment over most things, and have strengthened their core values to include social justice. It was fun, fast-paced, and flexible. I had donated $20 when I signed up to become a member!

  2. I joined Sierra Club donating $25. Now, I absolutely love working here. I wish there were opportunities in the after noon. I’d love to spend more time working on the many projects that they have going on. I would encourage anyone to volunteer and apply.

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