truMedic Magic Hands Massager 40% OFF

- 40% Magichands neck and back massager
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Original price was: $299.95.Current price is: $179.99.


The patent-pending, stylish design features specialized materials, adjustable wrist supports, and multiple color options. The Magic Hands™ Massager delivers a massage experience that looks as good as it feels. On Sale for a limited Time only!

truMedic Magic Hands Massager 40% OFF
truMedic Magic Hands Massager 40% OFF

Original price was: $299.95.Current price is: $179.99.


Are you struggling with neck pain now or in the past? This must be a stressful matter for you. For someone such as an athlete who needs physical fitness, back pain can be a serious matter. It applies even to someone who works on a computer screen every day.

If you are in a neck or back pain condition, you would probably look for something that will ease it out. So, we have truMedic Magic Hands massager with heat. Many folks may think about if it worth it. Here we have an Orthopedic surgeon who recommends neck and back massager as the right choice. It is said by Brian Cole of Englewood Spine Associates in New Jersey.

We have truMedic Magic Hands massager as a top-quality Neck and Back massager with heat yet. The company designs it with a branded mechanism. Consider that they make it as the feel of a touch of massage by the ladies. It delivers a strong massage that feels so real human touch. You will believe it comes from a set of human hands!

With four massage nodes, each of them acts as their own. The nodes pressure to provide effective shiatsu massage therapy device. It has the function as an electric heat massage. It will relieve deep pain in one’s body. We believe that truMedic Magic Hands massager is our own personal therapist. That means to say a personal deep tissue massager.


What’s New in truMedic Magic Hands Massager?

truMedic introduced neck and back massager nearly four years ago. For new buyers, it seems hard to believe that we know about this product from 2017. However, it was not the same thing as we see now.

Today’s Magic Hands heat massager seems much more well made as compared to before. So, I have this massage kept permanently in my living room. I still use it on a regular basis because I feel quick relief from pain.

  1. truMedic progress doesn’t look stopped at any time. So, they introduce a natural type of automated massage system. In such a way, now we have Magic Hands neck and back heat massager. If you like to use automated massager, we believe that it’s worth upgrading to this now!
  2. The main design looks similar to before. It has two sets of rotation balls. Those balls make the kneading motion of our hands. They need to be set into a higher unit that holds on your shoulders.
  3. We have two straps that come down from the opposite side. That we meant to place our arms. The straps let you pull the massage into a neck and shoulder in favor of gravity. In that way, you can get to the bottom level of tissue.

Moreover, Magic Hands appears a lot more stylish than the ones we used to get before. It comes in a choice of three colors, shade blue, orange, and green. So, today’s sale of truMedic Magic Hands is available in three colors. It has the black type of stitching that holds it all together.


What Causes Neck and Back Pain?

The nerve problem can result in neck pain. Also, some structural or muscle problems can also cause back pain. Neck pain with nerve problems occurs due to a pinched nerve inside the neck. This pinched nerve irritates the neck.

The structural problems due to fractures, tumors, or infections in the back can lead to back pain. That comprises the process of bone functions. Besides, the pain can occur due to the abnormal structure of bone in the back and neck that affects the joints.

Muscle pain in a particular area can happen when you hold tension. If you have to look up and down too long, you can feel continuous pain in both neck and back. Muscle pain can also be felt from the shoulders area. That’s because those muscles balance the neck connected.

This pain can mostly happen to people over the age of 30 to 50. Their activity level changes and can lead to stress and cause neck and back pain. There seems to be a wide range of people who experience this pain.


Are Massagers Effective Solution for Neck and Back Pain?

You should definitely use a massager to get relieve neck and back pain. It happens to be an effective solution to overcome pain over the neck and back area. This thing works by increasing blood flow inside the neck and back muscles. It also makes you feel relaxed over the massaged area.

Many folks believe this is a temporary solution to a pain condition. This reflects that people believe they need a regular massage. This way of pain relieve seems to be a primary goal of neck massagers.

You need to be aware that some bad quality neck massager can act as irritants. So, be careful while selecting neck and back massager with heat. It should be something like that of Magic Hands. The best way to acknowledge this must be to try first and see the results. You can also look over customer’s feedback online. It will aid you do find out the truth about the product.

Once, you have started using a massager, you should feel the decrease in pain. If not, you should stop using it and ask for a refund. Memorize that truMedic offers a 30-Day money back option. You need to be aware of how your body responds to the massage.

Be sure to use it as per the instruction. Using anything in an improper manner won’t benefit at all. Our main goal needs to be regular massage to relieve neck and back pain.

Why is it Best to Buy Magic Hands Massager with Heat?

Magic Hands allows you to relocate controls from the bands in the arms to the massage unit. You won’t see them now! But you will see only three buttons there. You might want to give it a try to its function before you put it into action!

You should know about the way to activate and disable heat, change the way of massage, and put it on and off. The straps look more adjustable. So, it can fit on folks with a small and big chest!

This device made by Magic Hands looks a lot better than another massager we find online. I have to say that we find a lot of massagers with low ratings. So, that means they don’t perform quite well. After using this massager, it feels deep and intense. This reflects that the design must be effective.

In contrast, Magic Hands Neck and Back Heat massager seems wellness designed. It looks flat shelf across the top and great for your lower back. But our main focus is the neck and back that needs real work. So, Magic Hands can be a good choice here.

Perhaps the main concern could be the price. While we offer you a 40% discount, it won’t be a good price for someone to spend money on. But if you need something that you can use on regular basis, you can consider buying Magic Hands Massager.

Consider that you go on to the professional therapy and the cost you pay there. Magic Hands could be your today’s money saving deal to keep those expenses away.

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truMedic Magic Hands Massager 40% OFF
It has 5 Star reviews because of being top of the line Neck/Body massager! We have various color options available such as blue, orange, and green. You have 30 Day Money Back Guarantee with 1 Year limited warranty. On Sale for a limited Time only!
  • Fashion-Forward Design
  • Features specialized materials
  • Adjustable wrist supports
  • Multiple color options.

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    Donna Freeman

    I was fully prepared to return this unless it was amazing. Even with the 40% off sale, it was still high. Frankly I spent a lot for many years with regular massages. But last year I stopped when I realized my spending each year.
    There is a learning curve but I thoroughly enjoy how well it targets specific areas. My main focus is on neck and shoulders; however, I use this on back/lower back and legs too. I find using a nice, thick hand towel between skin and massager feels the best.

    + PROS: Best shiatsu massager. A famous product. Lots of positive reviews online.
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