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As a disclaimer notice, we like to disclose about the products we keep and services we provide on Get Well Treat. As for information, doesn’t prescribe or diagnose your medical health problems. The website is not meant to replace the services of medical health care provider. We only offer reviews of natural health products as per the information provided by the vendor.

We suggest you to ask your doctor before starting any diet program. You have your own responsibility to ask physician whether or not you can use certain natural health product. In case a client uses our information, and goes off approval of a physician, he/she undertakes all concern for it.

It should be noted that none of the natural products is made to cure any disease. We have never seen any such claims made by anyone. The Body Can Only Heal Itself. So, the pain relief oil, natural sleep aid, and weight loss supplement are not offered to cure. But rather they support the body to reinvent normal function. The body has very complex organs. With a pure natural product, it has ability to optimize one’s health. However, the results might vary because of one’s complexity of health condition.

If your doctor indicates that natural product is not a good way for you and you must be treated only with drugs. In that case, we suggest you to consult diet specialist who has more knowledge of natural methods. This website and product reviews powered by Get Well Treat are meant for informational purpose only.

Our information is as per the user’s feedback and research by the vendor. It is not meant to replace the advice provided by medical practitioner or health care provider. You cannot use our information to diagnose, cure, or treat any disease.

Our information and statement about natural health products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. It is because FDA only evaluates Food and Drug, not a supplement like these products. That concludes that any of the products mentioned in the website is neither food nor a drug.

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