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Mobile medical alerts have been recommended by thousands of hospitals and more than 65,000 healthcare professionals. Our device has been helping save the lives of America’s senior citizens for over 20 years. Two-Way Calling Enabled & Get 24/7 Emergency Monitoring Device. The #1 GPS Medical Alert Systems to Get a FREE SmartGo Device.

Save Guard Medical Alert Device
Save Guard Medical Alert Device

Original price was: $199.95.Current price is: $0.00.


Save Guard medical alert device allows instantly reaching out to emergency services when you press a button. Now, you won’t have to rely on using your mobile phone in an emergency medical situation.

Using phone calls in emergency cases won’t be reliable all the time. Save Guard device will notify help line numbers for immediate assistance once you press a button. So, you can reach your trusted ones for help and rely on your safety.

A medical alert device is a crucial investment for individuals, particularly seniors or those with medical conditions, as it offers a lifeline in emergencies, ensuring rapid assistance and peace of mind. With just a press of a button, these devices connect users to a trained response team, capable of dispatching medical help or notifying family members when immediate attention is required.

By enabling swift intervention during falls, medical complications, or accidents, these devices empower users to maintain their independence while staying safe, fostering a sense of security for both the individuals using them and their loved ones.


What is the Save Guard?

We all want to get safe during an emergency situation. This is why Save Guard medical alert device has become helpful and necessary for us. These days, we may find higher risk of emergency health issues. Bearing that into consideration, medical alert devices emerged on an online market. It will be helpful for anyone seeking immediate health service.

Relying on dialing the phone numbers and asking for help won’t be that easy when seeking quick wellness check. This is why you need the assistance with Save Guard medical alert device to support you in an emergency situation.

In case of an emergency, Save Guard quickly sends the location to emergency services. You can also alert the nearest known person to reach you out. Regardless of a person you may like to contact, the service staff will stay online until the help arrives.

This medical alert device uses a GPS tracking system to locate users. You can talk with the person chosen to act with both-way smart device technology. Help will arrive for sure even if you are not conscious and you have already pressed a button. Save Guard can also ask 911 or local police if criminals try to enter inside your house.

The subscribers to Save Guard receives SmartGo device. It appears like a hanging ornament with a button on it! You can press the button in an emergency situation. It seems easy to wear a SmartGo pendant-like device on the wrist or hang it on the neck. In that way, you can instantly let know the assist center of your location and that you need quick help.

The SmartGo device won’t be disrupted with other electricity or Wi-Fi services at home. It’s easy to wear it and use and deploy in an emergency situation with a press of a single button. Moreover, it is waterproof and you don’t need to take it out during swimming or showering. It will keep you confident that you are safe all the time.


How Medical Alert with a Device works?

Many people believe that medical alert device saves a life line every 10 seconds. All you have to do is to push a button and remain calm. Help will be on the way to you. The operators answer through SmartGo device. It will happen in two-way communication. They will track your location first and make sure that you’re taken care of it.

The operators will contact your friends, family, and neighbor and let them know that you need quick help. They even send local 911 emergency services to your location. So, they respond at all emergency times through an easy-to-use emergency button. The SmartGo device makes being protected easy and comfortable. Don’t be caught alone in a time of need.

The SmartGo devices come with a high-quality speaker. SmartGo lets you speak directly to a trained EMT right through the device. Thus, you can go anywhere with freedom. Never feel like you can’t leave your home again! With GPS technology you are covered anywhere in the U.S.A.

In combination with package service on monthly basis, it mainly considers about user’s requirements. As long as you have a subscription, they provide medical support in an emergency.


Why Medical Alert Calls your Family?

Medical alert systems often have the capability to call or notify family members or designated emergency contacts for several reasons:

  1. Emergency Response: When a user activates their medical alert device due to a medical emergency or a fall, the essential system alerts the monitoring center. The monitoring center then contacts the user to assess the situation. If the user is unable to respond or requests assistance, the monitoring center may contact the user’s family members or emergency contacts to inform them about the situation and seek their help.
  2. Support and Communication: Family notification can be crucial in situations where the user requires immediate medical attention or when they need assistance but are unable to communicate effectively. Notifying family members ensures that someone close to the user is aware of the situation and can provide necessary support.
  3. Peace of Mind: For many users, knowing that their family members or emergency contacts will be notified in case of an emergency brings them peace of mind. It creates a sense of security, knowing that help is just a phone call away.

In fact, the specific features and functionalities of medical alert systems can vary between providers. Some systems may offer additional features like GPS tracking, two-way communication, or automatic fall detection. It’s advisable to research different medical alert systems and choose one that best suits your needs and preferences.

Why SHOULD YOU Purchase Save Guard Medical Alert Device?

Save guard wants to make sure that all users have medical alert device in case of an emergency. You may also need it every time, so we have the great deals today. Instead, the medical alert device is costs $199.95, the seller won’t ask you for device fees. The only cost $44.95 incurs for the monthly subscription to monitoring services. You won’t have to pay for the device itself!

The seller wants to make sure that you received medical support at the time you need it. Due to that, they have a great deal for you today. Save Guard sells medical alert device at $199.95. They won’t charge you a shipping fee.

However, as we said that you have a great deal today, so you get Medical Alert Device at no cost. Yes, that’s right! You won’t have a pay for a SmartGo device. The only cost incurs to you will be for a subscription to monthly monitoring services, which is $44.95. That simply means you save all for the device and pay for monitoring services only.

We consider that as a low cost because you already save $199.95. That will cost $0 for the device. However, the service providers will be paid just $44.95 monthly for your 24/7 support. As for the reliability, we have seen 5 Star ratings by all customers for this service. Users have to continue paying a fee each month to keep up their support without problems.

10Expert Score
Save Guard Medical Alert Device Save Guard provides coverage whenever needed, both inside and outside. So, it has kept itself apart from other medical alert device providers. Users just select the type of subscription that determines the areas they can get help. They have friendly customer service. All you have to do is to press a button when you need immediate care.
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  • Two-way Calling 4G Technology.
  • In Home + On the Go Protection.
  • 24/7 Emergency Monitoring.
  • Lightweight & Discrete to Wear.

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